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Updated: Mar 9

We are proud to announce that we have a blue bicolor girls available for reservation now.

1 of them is a bit special, she was born with only one kidney, which would not affect her current health condition. She will be living normal as other healthy kittens. Only if in the later years, she has some other health issue that affect her kidney, she may have only one chance comparing with others. No medical requirement. This is sometimes happening within ragdoll breed, even within human-being, which cannot be tested via any genetic test. We would normally find it when desexing----open the tummy and find out that she has only one uterus. In this case, we are doing further ultrasound scan for this kitten in bigger hospital, and then found only one kidney is visible, which is always happened with single uterus...It was sad to have this situation happened, but at least she is lucky that this is the somehow the best gene mutation for kittens that will not affect any other healthy problem.

She is super sweet with affectionate personality, she is a purring machine as well, and also she has the best looking. I believe she will find the best home for her. If you are interested in, please send me an email with your current situation.

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