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The first available kitten in the year 2023!

Hello Everyone!

I guess you guys must had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday.

It's a challenging experience for us however, we welcomed a fresh litter just on the first day of 2023! We just have 3 little babies are doing well at the moment, including a little life fighter.

This year after we were going through the waiting list, not surprised, many of you are on holiday that willing to delay the welcoming event for our little kitty. Now we are having very a few kittens that ready for reservation, and to leave at the end of January. Kitten Info:

Seal Bicolor Female Ragdoll

Born: 23/10/2022

Pet Quality A: Only one color spot on one leg. Beautiful marking and nice personality.

Price: $3500

Please send us the email for further information.


Rickie from Banaco Ragdoll


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