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We are now living in our brand new cattery in north west of Sydney NSW. We have our whole second story as our cats' activity area, including 4 huge CAT-BUILT rooms and a beautiful glass room, which is full of sunlight but with 24/7 air-con. Our kittens and cats are secured indoors only and living somewhere called home rather than a cattery. 

We are a family owned cattery and we DO NOT accept onsite visiting due to the privacy. To meet your future family member, we are welcoming you to do a facetime chatting or voice call to learn more about our kitten :)



Being a good cattery always needs to show to know where we are, the trend, the standard, the achievement...



The prides & prizes always make us going forward, and being passionate about breeding outstanding kittens...


Previous Cats Show Room

Contact us:

Wechat: fluffyballsau

No Cattery on site visiting.

Facebook: Banaco Ragdoll&Exotic Shorthair

Address: Sydney Australia

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