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Kittens May Available:

All of our pedigreed kittens will come to you with microchipped, F3 vaccinated x2, wormed, flea treated, desexed, vet checked, and NSWCFA PET pedigree paper (unless stated otherwise as we have breeding cats from other clubs that needs to be transfered to NSWCFA).


Both parents (or original grandparents) are DNA tested and the kittens are guaranteed against of deadly genetic defects when they leave, and the following 2 years as HCM may happen accidentally in the older age. All the kittens sold as PET ONLY need to be desexed before leaving us.

We sell kittens to selected family who is responsible and willing to provide the best needs for their cat's daily care. Please introduce yourself and the family when making an enquiry because we will not bother answering questions without knowing what kind of family our kitten will be living with.

If you are interested in adopting one of Fluffballs kittens, you can refer to the 'Buyers Info' page for general information and it should answer most of your questions.

​Available Kitten:


PM if interested

Please note:
Ragdolls need time to be PRETTY. If you want a fluffy baby, just feed quality kitten food and meat, and wait until they grow up.
The following three pictures are the same kitten from 8 weeks old to 10 months old. Just give them time and believe in your breeder's line... YOU WILL GET A QUALITY RAGDOLL>.<

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